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The Cubase name is one of the most recognized in the recording industry. It is sold with 30 minutes of HD video tutorials and users have access to a support team. Logic Studio was created by Apple as a music production suite. When first unveiled, it was reviewed as the best music producing software.

In September , Apple announced the suite was being discontinued, and only two of the programs will be sold separately. The two programs that were sold separately were Logic Pro and Mainstage. Logic Pro includes modeled instruments that can be sampled, effect plug-ins, and audio loops. To help anyone use the Apple products, Logic Studio includes demo projects with detailed instructions for use. By separating the products, Apple made it more affordable to buy the DAW, which was the main reason people purchased the program in the first place.

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Unfortunately, this is one software that Windows users are missing out because it only runs on Mac OS. Ableton Live 9 is a great music production software program introduced in Since its introduction to the market, it has been a popular choice for producers with medium to expert skills. With this software, producers can cut, paste, and splice, which allows for seamless MIDI sequencing.


The hardware includes a large sounds package. The package includes 23 music libraries, which equals about 50 GBs of sound.

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Ableton Live 9 is particularly meant to be used in a live performance but also does great for composing, mastering, recording, mixing, and arranging audio tracks. One of the cons associated with this program is that there is no bouncing option. The interface is also pretty bare. Another downside to Ableton Live 9 software is its price. Dallas created this program in hopes that users would eventually upgrade to Beat Thang Virtual.

Another con associated with this program is that there is no search bar. Without a search bar, it is very time-consuming to search through available plug-ins and other accessories. Bitwig Studio is the brainchild of Bitwig GmbH and has been around for years now, although they are relatively new to the industry. However, Bitwig also has its distinct features. It is currently at Version 2. The current Version is still compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux and its proudest new feature is the Phase-4 synth, a four-oscillator manipulation synthesizer. The update also includes time signature changes, an expanded view, voice stacking capabilities, and a new modulator.


Some improvements were made in its time stretching feature and sound content library which now comes with a new set of factory presets that covers both the existing and recently added virtual instruments and effects of the software. Determining which one is best for you will depend on what you expect the software to do, how comfortable you are with learning curves, and the type of music you are interested in creating. The trick is to get to know them well and what they can offer before even making a decision. Some of them may be better than the others in terms of features, pricing, usability, and whatnot.

However, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your own expectations and standards.

The UR22mkII offers the same sonic precision, clarity of tone and flawless dynamics as the other members of the UR family. Hooking up the UR22mkII to a pair of high-quality headphones will let you listen to your music collection with a new sense of perspective. This is thanks to the incredible sonic fidelity offered by bit resolution and a sample rate of up to kHz. Each component of the AD and DA conversion stages has been selected to offer astounding quality; simply hook up your high-quality speakers or headphones to the appropriate output on the UR22mkII to lend your music collection a new lease of life.

Producers of electronic or beat-based music will find their ideal mobile interface in the form of the UR22mkII. Plug in a mic or electric guitar to record vocals or guitar parts, all in perfect sync with MIDI data from your project, and recorded with no latency and with the convenience of the Mix monitoring control on the front panel.

One of the most important features here is the monitoring architecture: independent headphone and output controls mean you have all your audio channels under full control. This means that, say, bands sending backing tracks to the FOH mixer have an independent headphone output for the band member operating the laptop. Guitarists needing a reliable interface for live shows can plug directly into the Hi-Z input and route the audio to a virtual amp such as the VST Amp Rack in Cubase.

You can even start and stop playbacks or record loop-based tracks on the fly by connecting a MIDI footswitch to begin a hands-free recording session. And thanks to its steel casing, the UR22mkII can take the little knocks and scratches that are bound to happen when you take your equipment onstage.

Top 3: The Best Music Production DAW's For Mac Users

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